My children love Honeysuckle Hill Gardens.  Often they suggest that we go there for the day!  They love it because they can run, play, explore, focus on nature, investigate science, and have fun! 

-Kristen Adkins, Homeschooling mom 

Comments regarding a field trip are below:

Amanda Moore: “The experience far exceeded my expectations.  The presentation was stimulating for most any learning style, with hands-on transplanting, a scavenger hunt, power point show and taste samplings from the medicinal herb garden.  It made for a full day of schooling!” 

Mistey Luikart states, “Honeysuckle Hill is a peaceful place for kids to interact with a knowledgeable caretaker who inspires them through all five senses to take an interest in nature. It is so important, especially in this age of electronics, for children (and adults) to be outside to connect with God's creation and Honeysuckle Hill provides the perfect gateway."

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