$ 22.95 USD

This is a unique trowel on one end and a rake on the other end!  It is one of our favorite tools, because it is so convenient in the gardens!  We use this all the time, and our customers purchase this for use at their home gardens. Metal construction. FREE SHIPPING!


Kitty Kitty Catnip Kit

$ 6.99 USD

Your little cat will have enough fun to last nearly NINE lives with this catnip kit! 1 oz. package comes with refillable muslin bags. FREE SHIPPING!


Kitty Kitty Cat Grass Seeds

$ 6.50 USD

Does your cat get into your plants? garden? flowers?  Cats need greens in their diet.  Why not plant these seeds and allow your cat to feast on the green plants especially for him or her?  1 oz. package is ready to plant. FREE SHIPPING


CUT & HOLD Shears

$ 12.99 USD

These cut & hold shears are the perfect thing for the person who loves to cut flowers and bring them indoors. These shears cut and then hold the flower at the same time! Amazing... FREE SHIPPING!


Plant Velcro

$ 9.95 USD

This velcro is for use on plants that like to slump.... just velcro around a vine or stem for much needed support while growing.  Great for tomato plants and many others!  FREE SHIPPING!


Garden Belt

$ 15.95 USD

  1. Great garden tool belt that is not too big!  This is just right for ladies or youth...just right for working in the gardens. 
  2. This tool belt includes multiple pockets made with durable fabric and outer mesh compartments as well as an included adjustable clasping waist harness. 
  3. Brown fabric.

Soil Moist Granules 8 oz.

$ 11.95 USD

Soil Moist Granules absorb and release water at the perfect time.  This product is perfect for indoor and outdoor plants and gardens. 


Essential Oils All-natural SPA kit

No Image Available

$ 28.00 USD

This kit includes a essential oils, information booklet, recipes sheet (to create more than one spa item using the same oil flavors), 1oz kelp, and french clay.  This spa kit is great for a gift for the luxurious friend who has everything, for the friend who loves all-natural products, or for yourself!



We may substitute equal packaging as needed for shipping purposes! 

"Bee" products basket in reusable green plantar... 

Gardener's luxury basket color coordinated: perfect gift for anyone who has everything! 

Man's gift basket with spittoon, Grandpa's soap and dragonfly decoration...

Goat's milk gift basket color coordinated! 

You will find many treasures in the gift shop not available online, so plan a a visit this spring! 

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